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Joining International Teaching Practice Program in Malaysia is my first experience going to another country. It teaches me a lot of things. First, I learn how education is organized here. The organization of the education is very different with Indonesia. In Malaysia, there are two sessions of school; morning and afternoon. While in Indonesia the session of the school is only one. Then, the way the teachers deliver the materials is very simple and clear. This is because time of learning in Malaysia is only 30 minutes for each lesson hour. It makes me learn how to manage the time and activities in the class effectively. It also forces me to be effective and clear in delivering the material to my students. My students are very smart, so I have to be creative and well prepared when I teach them. One day before teaching, I always learn every word that I am going to say because some students are very active. They always ask me what they do not know. This is so challenging for me. Moreover, I teach Anggun class in SMK Taman Universiti 2 which is the most excellent class in the school.

In Malaysia the program is not only about teaching but also conducting KKN (Student Community Service). Firstly, I join English Club in the school. Once, I played a game called chinese whisper. They have to whisper some sentences to their friends in a group. It’s so exciting. It made the class fun and easy in learning English. Not only they learn about English, but they also get the moral value of that game; we have to listen carefully to what people say and do not trust anyone easily because sometimes people will add or reduce the issue. After the game finished, I gave the winner some gifts. I think, they are so excited to join the English club. Secondly, I joined Sukan’s day (sports day) that is celebrated once a year here. I was so lucky to be a committee. I made some games to enliven the festival. It makes me and my students closer. Third, I painted a wall in one of the school’s building (mural). I made it for about 3 days. My concept of the mural is “if you dare to dream, you can do it”. I made an image of hands rising from below to catch up the dream.

Through this program I learn that being a teacher is not easy. We have to be creative and try to make our students interested while learning in the classroom. I am really inspired by the way SMK Taman Universiti 2 conduct and manage every detail inside the school.
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